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Apartment design consultant:

In the big cities of our country in recent years has built hundreds of buildings used for residential, commercial, office, or combined into a multi-functional complex.

The design of the house, at first due to recent foreign-made and part of which is due to the Design Consultant Company our country take, including Licogi 16.8.

As Vietnam has not issued standard synchronous design on this design so the host can hardly cover all the requirements of the high-rise design.

To support design consultation, we will introduce a number of high-rise design standards of foreign countries in order to contribute to work on a better design.



The contents of the above criteria include the following:

General principles for the design, construction and operation;

Solution space, architectural shapes and functions of parts;

Impact load and computing requirements;

Geological survey;

Foundations and underground;

Solution structure of the texture on the nail;

Heating, heating, ventilation, ventilation and air conditioning;


Power supply, power and lighting;

Automation, information and signals;

Environmental protection and hygiene requirements;


Fire prevention measures;

Rubbish collection and vacuuming;

Ensure the overall safety;





General principles in the design of tall buildings

Design of tall buildings including the average, solution architecture, solution space and shapes to suit the general urban planning requirements, functional requirements and the requirements of typical [1] or can see the building is designed to be a [3]. Building design task must be approved by management agencies such as planning, architecture, fire ...

Buildings, the level of importance attached to the highest level (in accordance with GOST 27751) and four-time classification for calculating (according to ISO 2394) by a factor of importance and reliability of safety general and partial.

The reliability coefficient of importance [1,3] must be determined according to the particular conditions but not less than:

1.1 as high as 100 m;

1.15 when the height from 100 to 150m;

1.2 when the height from 150 to 200m.

When covering structures and the link buttons reliability coefficient of 1.0.



In the design of tall buildings must be accompanied by a number of general scientific and technical measures, including geotechnical monitoring, monitoring the status of the load-bearing structure and the front of the system, experiments necessary structures and materials. Materials, structures and structural details must be certified in accordance with design requirements.

Due to the complexity of the aerodynamics of high-rise buildings should study the aerodynamic characteristics, to clarify the effects of high-rise buildings to work around and land access as well as stress state, deformation bearing structure and cover, and soil nails. The study should be conducted in two phases:

Phase 1: Modeling the aerodynamic problem using a number of methods to

oriented data for the aforementioned problem;

Phase 2: Experiment or their complexes in the pneumatic tube

to obtain experimental data on the distribution of mass and wind direction, speed and pressure (the number of aerodynamic coefficients) and the fluctuations of the model.

Aerodynamic laboratory work must be carried out in the laboratory with license / certificate.

Houses and structures under the action of the wind should be done in the construction phase and time utilization.

In the construction phase should be conducted regardless of the sequence construction technology, starting fixed temporarily and openings in the outside walls, walls and partitions.

In the period used to calculate covering outside the structure include structure and facade solutions if necessary, make the calculation of the discrete structure of the surface cover.

No high-rise built on the land of radon (Rn) and check work in the earthquake zone and active geological faults.

Structural outer cover high-rise buildings as well as cover the inside walls between the apartments have high resistance to cross-wind (including material sealed floor and a crack in the door) to prevent the decline of pressure not air between the top and bottom of the house, because if not it will change the temperature inside the house, especially the bottom floor and the elevator will not work well.

When combined with high-rise buildings with civil defense measures, the standard must comply with the requirements of the corresponding defense and the defense of the agreement and they must be reflected in the surface as well as structural organization Other bearing housing.

To ensure the safety of people in buildings in which special attention:

+ Parking place fire prevention technology equipment (radio-operated system);

+ Space observation of the bearing structure of the house (can be combined with the operator) and the location of the measurement point of the station.


Legal entities (companies, organizations and professionals) need to implement organizational and technical measures in the overall security system, including: Instructions scientific and technical monitoring and buildings in the design phase, construction and mining, combined with the international system of quality (according to GOST ISO 900-2001) to the certificate / permission on this issue as well as the use of insurance risks of construction and mining.

Profile building design should have the following documents: passport of the techniques and rules used, which includes all the basic features of the and corresponding systems engineering. Rules used by the design consultant and editor for each home.

In the design documents should specify deviation limit / allow construction. To ensure the normal working of the system equipment technical equipment purchase orders must clearly state the facts about the largest deviation in the calculation of the structure comes under that device .......






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