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Schools came into being to meet the needs of society, school facilities, is to conduct environmental design curriculum so schools must meet the requirements of the teaching-learning set, space requirements appropriate to each age ...
The curriculum is a compulsory program in the Vietnamese education system. This is the first phase formation as well as knowledge of human personality, learn different subjects, contact with friends, teachers, etc. In each country there are different rules for primary school age different. In Vietnam: from 3-6 years of age is kindergarten, 7-11 year-old primary school, 12-15 year-old high school junior, 16-18 as the high school level, over 18 undergraduate and graduate education.

The development of education depends on the conditions of each country, economic conditions, political, social, and culture of each country. Academic content is not constant, it changes under the influence of the scientific and technical development, economic growth, cultural and theoretical teaching and learning methods.



In a school (design school) often have the following functional areas:
 + School gate, fence: a place to welcome and protect students in the learning process.
+ The Garage teacher and student parking areas: standards and near the main gate.
+ Playground: A place where leisure activities, sports and school-wide focus.
+ Garden, trees, small landscape: Put the trees in the distance and the two sides around the school grounds.
+ Volume: The number of classrooms are standard and the number of students in the region.
+ Mass effect: layout of the school, near the main entrance and accessible.
+ Blocks researchers, experiment, practice, library: can be arranged with the brands or private.
+ Block food, beverage: Put the end of the field, close to the physical and the rest of the students (if any).
+ Physical home: Last Layout Direction and separate from the block, near the playground of the school.
+ Park sports grounds, forests, land reserved for development: As part of the land behind the school.
+ The student accommodation building, the public service: For teachers and students in boarding schools, located far from the school.


Current Vietnamese school system in general, mostly built after peace was restored, with the pure style of teaching do not have the combination of theory and practice, the classroom is connected by the long hallway, front hallway is the playground for all activities of the school.

Current social conditions were different, the concept of primary schools not merely where students learn but also the cultural environment for children to exercise, contact with friends, personality development program school gradually developed, gifted some subjects and auxiliary activities (physical training, sports, etc.) are included in the curriculum with outdoor activities, practical parts interjected the school to help students quickly grasp the theory, increasing mental pleasure and train students in a comprehensive manner. Therefore a new function for schools to have special blocks for aesthetic training and physical training for students.
Language learning programs are being put into professional teaching at primary school age, children are encouraged to use the computer to access the internet and create a separate database for elementary school today to have found development of spatial organization, structure space, audio-visual equipment, computer projector to suit the new teaching methods.

Boarding school model 2 sessions / day (as required by society, parents go to work all day so send me all day at school) also thrive, so the addition of the gifted subjects, physical training , personality development is included in the lot.
1. Location construction (TCXDVN) in school design.
- Located in the heart of the residential area, the radius served by each school, select a high place, clean, beautiful scenery, quiet for teaching-learning. For the mountainous areas, can serve to 2000m radius.
- Not located next to the base of regular noise and toxic substances such as: raising establishments, markets, factories, factory case must be built near the plant there must be a buffer zone with a width of less 30m.
- Convenient communications to meet the daily travel of students and teachers. However, not on the road with high traffic density, road trains for the safety of the students.
- Situated in a convenient location for the use of infrastructure network of residential facilities (roads, water supply, electricity, communication, etc.).
- The area of ​​land devoted to the area compared with the total land area is calculated by the following ratio:
• Construction area works architecture :14-20%, and 25% for the city.
• The area of ​​land for a garden experiment, practice area: 16-20%
• The area of ​​land as a playground, yard: 40-50%
• Area roads: 15%
• In the area of ​​construction land must be protected by a fence at least 1.2 m.
• In design school building in the city for reducing land area to 10%. In rural areas may increase but not more than 10%.




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