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 Viet Nam has active and potential construction market. Therefore, the change of technology and the application of advanced technology to our construction are necessary. The purpose of applying of new technology is reducing construction cost, raising high quality of building and activating operation schedule, in order to use building as soon as possible. We have had new technology of Top-base foundation solution, Bubbledeck deck, light concrete bricks, so with the application of these new technology to a building, the pre-eminence of construction cost, quality, schedule of builiding will have high effect. To a building which was designed and calculated the application of new technology of foundation, deck, cheer, the building cost will be significantly decreased. The Top-base foundation, when we applies we will reduce the foundation cost as 60-70% of pile foundation and construction time reduced as 50% of pile foundation of construction time as well as building quality increased, made sure safe for cargo on the soft ground, increased bearing capacity of substructure and foundation, reduced full sinking and defecting sinking of building. 


Bubbledeck deck part: this is two-way structural floor, it could build partition wall everywhere. Because of non-beam deck, it saved building high and created aesthetic and airy space. Because of hallow floor, it reduced own weight of deck and column from 35% to 50%, and then reduce the size of column and foundation. It reduced iron weight from 5% to 10%, due to non-beam, it reduced total cost of falsework-beam against traditional beam. Due to big beams span, the quality reduced 40%, construction time decreased 35% due to construction industrilization, it contributed to reduce the total construction time of building. 

According to the Decision No. 567/QĐ-TTg dated April 28th 2010 by the Prime Minister approved the development program of unfired brick to 2020 to replace current fire-brick, the application of light concrete for building cheer and the application of Top-base foundation technology and Bubbledeck deck is reasonable, comprehensive, effective. As the decision of the Prime Minister, high-rises ( upper 9 storeys) used minimum 30% of unburnt-light material since 2011. However, building used new technology, to use all cheers by light concrete brick is most optimal and most effective method. Because it has advantages which conforms with Top- base foundation and Bubbledeck use as follow: 


Brickwork weight decreases ½ against baked clay. If baked clay density is 1200-1800 kg/m3, light-concrete brick is only 600-900 kg/m3. But the strong of light-concrete brick and baked clay are the same even higher than baked clay. On the other hand, due to light weight, it reduces the deck size, column, foundation conform with new technology and contribute to reduce construction cost. A light concrete brick has 8x8x40 size as 5 times of brick 8x8x8 size, therefore it will build faster and reduce construction completion time, reduce operation schedule. 

 Because it is lightweight tiles concrete (foam concrete) so features like the sound insulation, heat, fire resistant are higher than baked clay wall, the consolidation of completed layers as a warrant, coat on wall is derived from the same cement Because brick is produced by advanced technology so lightweight concrete bricks has standard size, so if it is plastered, thinner layers, the smaller material consumption thereby saving material, reducing the cost. 

In short when we use wall as light brick concrete , combined with Bubbledeck deck and Top-base foundation for construction, we will be complete optimization of cost, quality and construction time. With staffs, staff of skilled designers. LICOGI 16.8 company are pleased to welcome the Owner of who demand to cooperate with company. Come to our company, investors would have been satisfied for the price, quality and progress. Very pleased to welcome!